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Vegreen Vegan Skincare Review

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Continue living

Sleepless last night! Think too much until my head feel wanna blow up. I never experience this extreme pressure to myself. Woke up and make myself cup of black coffee... sitting on my cozy sofa and continue thinking. My mind is like computer with words coming through numbers and even a flash back to history on what I have done and how I should handle the situation... some with regret and some came up with sweet memory... many with sad one....Why I can't make my life simple like others? Why I need to think so much? Ah! what make me think only me busy thinking??? I believe all of us did and most of us will come to this point! All the why and why keep coming to my mind... and I realise it is already morning...ah! another day to go through... another additional day to my age...mmmmm my 40's is closing and coming nearer.... I feel I dont achieve my dream yet... Living is pretty extreme and it is no joke. After life preparation is critical because no 'u' turn and uncertain fa

How to cure Exam Fever?

I am scare right now! Tomorrow is the day. I have been praying for Saturday to over soon but same time afraid to face it! Sound contradicting ? Last week, I on leave on Friday suppose to at least do some revision but end up pampering myself with head massage treatment and nice predicure. Whats new with Rina.? She just love to treat herself good stuff! hahah What should I do today? I can't concentrate in even read the stuff! Butterflies butterflies flying in my tummy.. I guess only pampering myself can keep me calm and feel good right now and face tomorrow with confidence. Yeah! going out to buy good pen and also visit to nearest salon for hair wash & blow and nice head massage. mmmm my head will feel as light as cotton and the feeling on floating in the air after nice head massage. Ah! damage to my purse again but anything make me feel calm and good. Why not? I work hard for all this.. what stop me??? nothing... Jia You ! Jia You ! Rina you can do it tomorrow.. I gone through t

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