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Reason for not exercise

During fasting month , I want to loose weight but I am lazy to exercise... Here are my reason : Before sunrise - I wake up at 4am every morning just to eat . I have not enough time in the morning because after eating need to get ready to beat the traffic jam to reach office on time. I need to starve myself until the sunset. In between this time I can't exercise because I have not enough energy and can't drink too. After sunset - by the time I eat 7:30pm. I need at least 1 1/2 hours to enjoy my meal after whole day starving. By the tme I finish eating is 9:00pm. Health expert said we can only exercise at least 2 hours after meal. After 2 hours will be 11:00pm and here goes my bed time. I need to sleep before 12:00 midnight : * I am a Princess and to be exact Princess Cindyrina (close to Cinderella right??? hahaha) Princess need to sleep before clock stike 12:00 or she loose all her beauty...kekekeke * Health expert said during this hours all cell renewal process

Fasting Month - 3rd Day Breakie

Yup! and all this went down to the toilet bowl..... Not intentionally but suddenly feeling sick. After the whole day with empty stomache and eat this food. What with this food??? If this is the only food and we have no choice??? We still need to eat right??? I am trying not to be choosy and eat whatever came to me. This fruit rojak my colleague was very thoughtful to pack for me when she went for lunch just because she know this is my favourite rojak. Mee siput I ordered online on first day puasa and just now delivered to my office. I don't prepare anything else and eat whatever came to me... God Bless!!!

Fasting Month

My entry today is about Fasting month based on my understanding. Pardon me if I am wrong.... Below photo credit to google hehehehe... I add in the caption using paint.

Fasting Month

I asked my colleague just now... Me : Do you think today will be another horrible traffic during rush hour this evening? Colleague : ahahahaha... you think you the only one want to go back??? dream on.... Me : (big sigh..) They are suppose to stay at hometown to celebrate breaking fasting with their old folk at home town. Colleague : You are at which era? Now people celebrate ramadhan at hotel buffet... Thinking about that.... People nowadays misunderstand the concept of ramadhan. We don't eat, don't drink,don't do harmful thing to others,don't see bad thing and everything about doing good thing. We trained our-self to feel like poor people or less fortunate feel. Be thankful to what we have right now. I noticed every year our people here in Malaysia being greedy and wasteful for food especially during this Ramadhan month. We spends a lot too. More clothing, more food, more this and that. Colleague : Since you said new office hours are 8:30am - 5:30pm... Ca

Positive mind

This morning I woke up with feeling the pain on my right feet bunion area. Intolerable painful bone!!!! Hurting like you are dying... I look at my alarm clock beside my bed, it was 4.30am. Uh! here I am lying on my bed with painful feet. I was at office very early this morning. Decided to have thosai with dhal for breakfast. Eat a little and my appetite totally gone. I just can't eat it all. Last night my only dinner was mushroom soup and this went down to my toilet bowl. My system a bit out this week. Yesterday lunch I was telling my colleague lets go to different food place since next week I can't join her for lunch due to fasting month. Yesterday menu was Briyani Rice from Wisma Central. Then we visited temple nearby for Chinese Red Bean and Peanut pancake for dessert. All of them went to the toilet bowl . Here goes my luxury lunch.I just feel headache and what I ate just wanna go out! Am I sick??? My system starting to malfunction again? Ah! I need to change

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