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Happy Monday!!! Last Saturday never expect to go out as far as Malacca since I am getting prepared to stay at home. Yeah!!!! 'lazy ass' just wanna be 'couch potato'..muahahhaaha.. Motive to to find authentic 'Nyonya Food'. Eat??? Oh! I like!!!!! definately one 'selca' Top for today, I got it from my favourite carpark now become like this. according to the parking attendance there, they found old building site the archeology department is doing some research for this 'new found'. Yeah...I saw there are two well too...may be a palace? or ancient house? oh..whatever..I just wanna eat something now.. great photo skills??? sucks!!! they are having afternoon tea time moment on the other side of the river....whoa!!! so enjoy...and I so love to have that moment too. beautiful hibiscus fragrance Jasmine... 'nyonya delicacies'


My flat rebonding effect... head so itchy cannot stand so I wash it the next day.... Grilled Seafood Spagetti @ Ben's Red Curry Duck Rice - my friend's choice @ Ben's Honey Lemon for my throat My friend's choice last weekend - Salted Fish Chicken steamed rice The worst ABC - Old Town Coffee @ Bangsar South


Wednesday Sweetener

Korean and Japanese Galore

I go Korean last 3 weeks....Ramen  Tteokbokki side dishes  Kimchi Pancake.....too oily I like this yummy japanese cake from Tokyo Street Pavillion

Food is my happiness

appetizer on last Friday night - Ground nuts....sweet and lovely Crystal clear shrimp dumplings - I love Dim Sum House specialty fine fried noodles - shared this with my friend I don't end my Friday meal with dessert but with appetizer???? hehehehe fried squid with spices  Last Saturday morning coffee @ Otak Otak place As usual my choice is Nasi Lemak My friend goes for Roti Jala with Chicken Curry.... hohohohoho Saturday morning breakfast and my kind friend gave me 3 korean dramas yeayyyyyy....... thank you and in return breakfast on me hehehehe  Last Saturday afternoon, another friend want me to accompany him to exchange his animation DVD and we end up having dinner at this Mamak place. He had Nasi Lemak with Squid My choice is Paratha with filling... Seafood curry laksa...can't remember when did I ate this??? Sunday night dinner appertiser Northern style Fried Koay Teow Chicken satay anyone????

Keep me Alive

Great Saturday morning to start with 2 half boiled eggs and 'Cham' - mixture of Tea and Coffee  Don't forget my favourite 'Nasi Lemak' I have a 'greedy' Saturday morning breakfast when I add on Wholemeal flat steamed bread with butter and Kaya.... Tea time at Little Taiwan with Assorted Fruit Snow ice Oolong tea pearl tea...nice!!!!

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