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Last 2 weeks , I went out with being a vegetarian in my heart. End up dragging chinggu in my scheme ...together we be a vegetarian for the day...WTH! For my lunch...decided to try out Yishensu @ One Utama. My choice vegetarian fish head meehoon...I totally love it..guess because I am hungry! Chinggu..end up ordered pineapple fried rice with cashew nuts. I find this a bit at bad taste side since its cold.Yup! I guess its pre cooked. Seriously with this kind of price except with that outstanding orchid flower deco..the food was seriously sucks!!! Then later part for dinner, decided to go to our frequent place BMS Organic store...still at One U. My choice was Curry Laksa...still vegetarian and the best they use soy milk instead of coconut milk. Anyhow...guess they change cook...the taste not as delicious like before. Chinggu's choice was this yummy vegetarian bulgogi bibimbap. The sesame sauce make the taste delicious and that g

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