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For those who have been visiting my blog for years will know that I am crazy with Korean cuisine. I recently have chance to visit to Sweetree Halal Korean Restaurant at Ampang Putra. I know this place existence for quite sometimes but have no chance to drop by to get the taste of their food. The decoration of this Restaurant is pretty much mixture of classical as well as natural theme. This place is suitable for family , gatherings and also chilling out for good food. The Korean owner or may be the person who in charge of this Restaurant is a Korean Man. He more of sociable and friendly. Language barrier may sometimes give an annoying impression plus he is loud. Some people may get offended by his gesture or greetings but he is trying to be friendly and I guess its his culture. During my first visit with my Sister before Ramadhan we ordered : Top right : RM25 Squid top rice. Taste? So so la... maybe I have taste better one in Seoul. Bottom Left : RM22 Jjambong


Who hate Thai Food? Put you hands up! put your hands up???? Gosh! you miss a good thing girl!! Relatively, Thai cuisine fits many Malaysian taste. Many claimed they have tried Thai cuisine. Little that many know the Thai food they eaten is not authentic taste of Thai's. How to describe Thai food taste? Sour, Spicy and full of herbs.... I was invited to try out authentic Thai's food at Cafe 9 at Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Seriously, when I was told the cafe's name is Cafe 9...the first come into my mind is Latte, Pastries , Cakes and anything that suit a Cafe food and drink. Then when Stella from Foodink told this is Thai food...I was like...mmmmm...beyond my expectation! Cafe 9 and the '9' is a symbol of 'Eternity' and 'Forever' in Chinese. The owner use the number for customer easily remember when they want to eat good authentic Thai Cuisine. Tom Yam Soup  You can choose either the RED or CLEAR sou

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