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For us the grown up... We wish you back to our childhood where we live without worries... For children who are growing up to adulthood adore adult freedom... Students amd the young one!!!! Everyday you face lots of complaint... Parents often say things like .... " Don't live like me " " You must live like me" Those words are not important to you... but to your parents themselves. That's why compared to what you learn, what score you get in school or studies is more important. What you learn is yours.... But your scores and results is for your parents to brag about... If you give up your freedom....there is no pain... You can live comfortably under the protection of you parent money. If you don't want to ....then be prepared to live out independantly. Work hard to support yourself... Remember...there is no freedom without pain!!!

If I have the courage like Britney

Britney Spears is not really my idol but I just admire her courage. She be the attention to media since she was at tender age. Whatever she does become a talk to media. No matter what is her attention good or bad always become a talk to people around the world. How she handle all the talk about her? I believe , take her a lot of courage to face such situation. Your wedding become to attention. You got pregnant being publicise widely. Not to mention about the break up part! Now on getting more love life again...she just can't stop from all those people talk about her and make money out of the story. I believe she miss her normal life but deep in heart she always remember she need to sacrifice to gain something. She gain her popularity and money but lost her freedom in life. Me? I currently live my life like an ostrich sticking down her head into the ground. I am ashame of myself of not being confident and capable. I don't know when I can put my head up again.... I just feel so

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