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Pumpkin Adventure

Oh! Three days staying at home I dare myself to experience different type of culinary skills. Asian - Fried Koay Teow Italian - Seafood Pasta Western - Pumpkin soup and Pumpkin cake Ahahahahahaha... talk about my pumpkin cake. How does this started???? I bought one big pumpkin. After too much hassle peeling off the thick and hard skin of that pumkin. I boiled it and blend it then boiled it into 3 different falvour. 1st pumpkin soup flavour - Original without any additional flavour add in 2nd flavour - Chicken stock and salt add in 3rd Floavour - butter, cinnamon, salt My verdict - I like the 3rd one. It taste more milky and smooth But imagine I boiled one whole pumpkin soup and only me alone to finish it. Even to drink that pumpkin soup for the whole day make me wanna throw up pumpkin. I decided to convert the remaining pumkin soup into cake. how to bake a cake? I never bake a cake before.... :) I watched the cooking show before, what I need is : * Flour - I have wholemeal wheat flour

3 days

Long weekend but I don't feel like I achieve anything in these 3 days. I was trying my best to forget about work but the calls and sms related to work really disturb and spoil my peaceful weekend. Ah! they are just plain idiotic! That is how I look at all those people who had called me. Trying my best to keep myself calm and not to get too angry for all these nonsense buy hey.... the fun need to continue. Doing some research on my latest project though! I did not go out at all these 3 days. stayed at home and cook my own meal hahahaha... no photo though . So don't hope for it! :) My menu... * Fried Koay Teow * Seafood with mushroom soup * Pumpkin soup with roll wholemeal bread * Sardine puff I like it.... and tomorrow is the day... and what am I suppose to say to all these people when I am to stand in front of them tomorrow? Let us ROCK!!!!! hahahahaha yeah I am loosing my mind right now! Let me rest for awhile. Give me a break! They have disturbing me again since this morning

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