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Frust nyeee

Frustrated! This is the right word. My internet connection not co operating with me. I have been trying to upload my photos but the connection keep fail. fly kite! I am not trying anymore tonight. another night then... Oh ya! last 3 days is the most weird days.... He was here for 3 days in a row and I was back home almost at 10.00pm. I am trying my best to assist him all I can. Not to mentioned all the shit he put to me... tell me about it.. I am the garbage collector. I am suppose to turn these garbage into gold! almost every day for when he is here I told him do not include me in his expansion plan. I am not interested. I even told him my last day in the organisation. I am being very frank eat up! My decision is FIRM! He told me , Rina you are now Financial Controller for this company.... ooopppssss what you say again??? FC? Since when? Is this the way for you to make people stay?? promote them??? You can offer me bigger post or more money.... nope!!!! my health at stake...

Frust, Sick and Relax

I can't upload my photos for few weeks to my blog. I feel very upset because of this. Everytime I tried to upload, it will hang halfway through. Arggghhhh!!! so sick! I have my photo having breakfast with my friends @ Oldtown, JayaOne, eating Ramen at Korean Restaurant, Floria 2010 @ Putrajaya, Papa Rich Dimsum breakfast and also my July 2010 Size S,M&L gathering at Pavillion. So not happy because I can't store all this moment to my online diary. How if I die before even have time to upload this special moment in mylife??? Oh No!!!!! Yeah! me with my drama again.... What happen to me after keeping mum for few weeks? How is my work??? Hate it to even think about it? As mentioned earlier, as for work I am just let my destiny brings me to the next stop. I will not strive anymore. I am just going to let thing happen. Why? Maybe I feel tired! I did not stop striving for the past 20 years! I guess I feel down for a while. Last Saturday end up having my breakfast,lunch at Golden

not because i ate too much

I was reading Women's Weekly Oct 2009 issue when I discover this article saying , stress goes down to waist line... o la la la ... I was singing.. my mystery solve. Now I know on why I had built up too much of unwanted muscle around my waist line :) Everybody said I was eating a lot! But in real fact not at all.. I tried to skip rice and even skip lunch.. but that big bulky ring on my belly keep growing. Same goes with my exercise regime.. I do sit up. I do stretch up. Yoga and dance .. ah ! name it! been there ! done that! not an inche reduction... ah! so frustrated ! But after I discover that not because what I ate..its not a problem.. i change strategy! hihihiihihihiih.... secret weapon for new me... new body.. new attitude mmm that attitude part a bit difficult hahaha... Now.. let me read one chapter of that leadership dynamic for my exam...

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