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Cleaner Seas with Sunplay's We Care for the Ocean 2023 Campaign

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Yeah...this morning went to fill up the petrol! Damn!!! I can feel the heat burning to my wallet. I don't know about others...but me has been surviving with stagnant income for almost 4 years until now. No increment! No bonus! No extra....basically stagnant! Find new job???? Gosh!!! I am a freelancer...don't you think its good enough to get some income at least rather than nothing??? I want to have permanent job but I don't like that string attached concept! But whatever at this level ....I can't complaint much because I always feel to others who are jobless...I consider myself lucky! However....... I feel the biasness....can't really say the biasness from who openly here....but if you smart enough you can figure out! During election too many cash  being paid out....for whatever reason they created....gosh!!! I am not benefited for that at all. So my wallet can't increase at all. after election....gosh too many cost hike on

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