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Hamaguri Soup and Seasoned Squid

Last week, there is a Korean fair going on KLCC and in my previous entry I did mentioned I bought one big tupperware of kimchi.... I love hamaguri or clams... For quick dinner here goes my version of Hamaguri Kimchi Soup : Ingredients : * 1 pack of hamaguri * 3 cloves of garlic * 3 - 4 leaves of kimchi * Water for the soup Preparation : Bring water to boil with smash garlics. Add in Hamaguri and kimchi and bring to boil again for 2 minutes.... Ready to serve.... oh! you can add salt if you want but me think the kimchi juice is enough to season the soup. Oh! you can add add soft beancurd if you think this soup is enough for my simple dinner. You can eat with hot rice.... Me drink it just like this and not big fan of rice though! To have that korean feel...drink the soup and one hand with pair of chopstick digging out for this seasoned squid which I bought at the korean food fair.... wohhohohohoho.... I am loving it!!!!

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