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Movie Marathon

Sunday morning!!!!! Love the feeling of peacefulness. Today's breakfast with omellete with Shitake and parmesan cheese and one freshly bake wholemeal farmer roll bread. Oh! one long black coffee.... Thank God for the good food. I am bless! Yesterday was my movies marathon day. Transformer 3 and Harry Potter back to back session. I kind of like Transformer 3 even though the story line is stereotype. Well, what do you expect from Michael Bay direction? One of the movie scene , the part when that Sam Witwicky went for an interview with that old man with white shirt. That scene remind me to my interview session. Look a like scene after I change my strategy of interviewing .... hahahaha hillarious scene when I got to see myself live... oh! of course I look much more better than that old man. When I was in between running towards my Harry Potter, there is this father and son conversation which I could not resist to eardrop. Yeah! nosy woman just can't drop her bad habit.

Looking for Accounts Assistant - Day 3

Wet Friday! But wet or dry .... its Friday everyone!!!!!! I like it! Today my staff almost drop their jaw to see many candidates coming in non stop. That means I double booked myself to see those people. Well... I did this on purpose. I just want to see how human re act on competition. I asked them to be place in the same room while filling up the forms. At least 5 - 6 of them in the same room as early as 9.30am. My interview for the day stop at 1.30pm. Just nice for my lunch. I am not going to write anything about the candidates tonight. Tired I guess. Not much different but bearable and I made my decision by evening. Oooopppsss!!! today I make one candidate cried. Not in purpose hope because she reflect after seeing me. If she feel down after meeting me today... hope God will forgive me because God knows I don't intentionally but my mean is to make them wake up from our government lullaby. Of course, gather my staff and discuss about my choice of new team memb

Week after Bersih Rally

Lazy week after bersih rally last weekend. Traffic was horrible than previous. After the Bersih rally then everyday you will read in the news on people getting who to blame. We will read about the victim and the assailant news. People fight for their right and the rise of the people and many more. People died people survive and so on and on. All this never stop and happening in every part of the world. They just different in the own way but same because at the end they just come to one ultimate needs to fulfill. Power! Yes many thirst for power many hunger for money many feel they are at right. We fight like this but at the end we still leave all this behind when we leave the world. Who is the ultimate winner??? Almighty God is great! Why can't they live happily and peacefully? Yeah! all this will be only in my fairy tales sweet dream story. I am watching Harry Potter this weekend. Transformer 3 you still have to wait! Harry Potter first!

Here goes my coffee bean

Saturday morning... I suppose to get out from my bed at least 7am but I end up rolling rolling like a spring roll until 8.00am. Then went to do allignment for my Tae Bong! End up went to college around 12.00noon. I dont even have time to have breakfast! Here goes my layparking at coffeebean mont kiara isk isk miss that moment very much... Toyota Strategy- ish... heavy readings though! My head feel very heavy and like spinning 'gasing' to see the wordings... amma! Then went to my sis place to check out on her since I feel uneasy because unable to reach her. Good that she is fine! I had wasted half of my Saturday just now. But at least manage to see the sisters and they are all doing quite ok. I am glad... Now I am back and hope to catch up something on my LMP then have to go out again... aiyoh... I am so tired driving today... When can I watch my Transformer and Harry Porter and another film by my x bf Johnny Depp (miss him so much in 21 Jump street last time). See how crazy I a

How should I feel?

I was driving back just now, I experienced horrible traffic jammed at highway. when I reached at the cause of the jam , I saw one white bluebird overturned. No other car involved , just one! I notice this car earlier, the driver were driving in very rude and reckless manner. Cutting and zig zagging here and there. He even have guts to flash at me when I was at middle lane. I just ignored him at that point! here else did he want me to go.. Hello! traffic moving slow, car in front so slow and I am at middle lane. Then he manage to over take me from the left and accelerate loudly and brake to show his anger! What with that attitude????? Although, my heart really like want to blow due to very angry. I just ignore him. I guess so does other car drivers.All of us choose to maintain our professional driving skill on the road and being a good driver too. I am trying my best to control my anger towards him by imagining , if I have a gun - I will just shoot his car 4 tyres! if my car have loud s

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