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Yeay! today is my final class. I have done my presentation slides and now just need to REHEARSE REHEARSE AGAIN AND AGAIN for 23 April 2014 presentation. My public speaking is so 'damn terror' so need to work harder le. Guess what? My super solid not so loyal netbook battery sadly announced died last night. WTH! More money to spend for new battery. Hopefully less than RM100. Just now met my ex boss for lunch. He called me out to see if both of us could work together again. Just for lunch...why not? He is my great 'SIFU' after all! He choose Nando's and I am not chicken so healthily...salad! Whoa!!!! I am so bloody healthy today? Early morning drink fruits and veggies juice and then half of sweet pears. Lunch salad...dinner???? muaahahahahahaha... I whack 'nasi lemak'with sunny top egg.WTH!!!! kekekekekeke...blame myself for not losing weight...I am so evil to myself today. Talk about my ex Boss...he is still


My favourite all time this cherry tomatoes. Very easy breezy to make this snack.   * Tomato cherry clean thoroughly * Then cut slice in the middle...don't cut it all the way down * slices of dried plum or in our term call 'asam boi' * Then insert in slices of 'asam boi' to the middle of cherry tomato * keep it in tight container * leave it in the fridge * best to eat it after keep it over night in the fridge * delicious to munch this snack while watching favourite show.   Give this a try! You won't regret!


Its all started when I watched this korean version of Hana Kimi call "To the Beautiful you "... One of the episode ...Goo Jae Hee presented Kang Tae Joon ,Lemon with Honey in the glass jar....hehehehe... here goes my copycat result.... Lemon slices in glass jar....hehehehe its getting thicker and thicker due to my lack of patient. What a masterpiece ...from me...huhuhuh Not much honey to pour in....since this is the only remaining honey left in my friedge... Whatever!!!! I can enjoy this in 3 days timessssss!!!!! Wuhuhuhuhuh...what an achievement for me!!!!

Saint Weekday Sinful Weekend

Whenever, I want to go on healthy diet, I always said to myself..... Last time last time of this process and oily food.... There you go.... Portuguese Grilled.... Hot & Spicy and the taste??? O la la.... I went to shop for this purple sweet potato and here me go... boiling sweet potatoes for my lunch break tomorrow at office That purple colour is totally my favourite colour...beautiful... Don't know why this fella cracked up like this when it cook... mmmm my sweet potatoes look unpresentable!!! Anyway for my cooking skill????? Acceptable! hahahaha I love capsicum! I cut 3 different colours of capsicum, carots and few leaf of red coral salad for my morning breakfast... Oh! wow!!!! I am too saint... hahahahaha Orange for my morning breakfast too!!! Oh! wow!!!! So healthy suddenly Princess??? What is going on???? Princess ambition to have body like this.... I am doing cardio every night! Why? Because I want

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