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Zombie Again

It is a wet morning... I was in traffic since 6.15am and finally reached my office around 8.50am. Fantastic way to spend your Wednesday morning. I choose to sit and wait rather than go for morning walk. Unbelievable healthy! I have problem in my sleeping again this morning. More of nightmares appear in my sleeping. No more romantic link with rock star. But this time is horror... My dream... I dont want to talk about it since the last time I wrote something it really happen to me. Since this one involve life and death matter. I think it is wise for me just keep it my mind and let it haunt me every night :) Recruitment drive will start again... I will experience meeting many type of interesting human.... the beauty and the beast side of human. I am getting loosing my patience due to certain thing not being done properly. Human... they just ignorance on things...something really need to sacrifice more of my tolerance. Newspaper this morning saying giving out gifts during election is not a

Friday Morning

A peaceful morning. Waking up.. Washing up... Dolling up... Driving up...and the traffic was perfect! :) Look up to the sky when the sun starting to shine and the clear blue sky right on top of me. A bit boring though when the traffic starting to slow down on half way up to KL. Decided to be a little playful with my neighbouring pajero chinaman uncle on the other lane. Since last night , I watched that Tiffany, SNSD wink and cute I decided to be a copycat kekekeke .... I turn my side face to the left and give the uncle .....Wink! wink! wink three times with the most beautiful and cute smile..... I admitted I don't look adorable like Tiffany but at least I tried ...ahahahaahaha ... I know I look like a pervert or horny woman but it is fun though... when that uncle gave the weird look ... I started to burst out into laughter... wakakakakakakaka.... uncle watch out for the car in front!!!! Reached office, pick up my morning newspaper and head down to breakfast. mmmm today

A Witch Story

I was travelling to work this morning and the traffic was horrible. Not to mentioned on the jumping queue drivers who really testing my morning patience. Another type of driver who always trigger my anger is the one driving like 20km/h style or literally don't want to move. Tortoise case! I was trying my best to control my terrible temper. Keep thinking about tolerance then karma and many things while driving at that crawling morning. If I have skills in animation, I would draw a cartoon on the whole situation. I will make the whole situation as nasty possible and make all this people to pay for their sin. Hehehehe I consider myself Saint in this situation kekekeke... If I am A WITCH with great Magic Scene 1:- Then one car coming from the back and trying to cut the queue. I will then just wink my left eyes and crush that car and toss it to the road side. and the driver go....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrkkkkkkkk Scene 2:- I was trying to change lane from right to left but the motorcyclis

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