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Difference between Hyaluronic Acid vs. Glycolic Acid for skin

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Slimming Centre not working!

 credit to google image search 'Yuri SNSD hot abs' I am one of those women who is obsess to loose weight using easy way but not to the extend to visit the slimming centre. Yeah! don't feel like wasting money for those craps! I always believe there is no easy path for me to gain something..... and if there is... then there is a catch behind I have to beware! I blame my weakness to all those good food.... for my up and down weight gain and loss...hehehe... I met this old friend of mine just now, I notice she gain a lot of weight since I last met her 3 years ago. She told me she tried many ways to loose weight which includes her losess of more than RM10,000 to slimming beauty centre. Owwww!!!! and the result is totally you still round like this and look like 'pumpkin'? That pumpkin word came out from my mouth as a response to her RM10,000 losess... she knows me well... my typical response to thing like this! She still laugh heartily with my pum

Lost 3kg in 1 week

Just to share my diet program to the world. I don't guarantee the result but I tried this and it works for me. I tried this diet this week and it works. It call Sugar Blocked diet. I lost 3kg within 3 days. Today is my last day for Sugar Blocked diet. The Do (s) * Eat only Eggs and Bean curd (eat whenever you hungry as your body need to burn your fat) * Drink at least 3 litre of plain water daily. (sip it not gulp it. If you gulp the water you will keep going to toilet) * You can have only one cup of plain coffee or soybean or full cream daily (NO SUGAR) * Make sure you go to toilet do your 'big business' every morning. If cannot go , please go pharmacy buy fibre tablet The Don't (s) * No salt * No sugar * no other food except for mentioned If you are coffee drinker the only you can take black coffee with NO sugar or milk. Basically plain coffee. How I feel now? I feel quite happy with the result because I lost 3kg. But I am sick of eggs and Beanc

Loose Weight in One month time

How bad am I to loose my weight? Very desperate! Anything that I have not done to loose weight ? I did : - Yoga - Pilattes - Dancing - Aerobic - Gym exercise - Starve myself - Don't eat rice for 3 months - Diet pills - Detox Many more to list down. Result '0'! Why?? I believe I am not persistence enough. I wish to loose weight at least 3kg during this fasting month. Last year I loose 4 kg during fasting month but gain another 5kg right after normal month. ahahaha... yeah! Tell me about it! I bet many of you face the same problem as well right???

Lazy Friday

"Today I don't feel like doing anythin' I just wanna lay on my bed Don't feel like pickin' up my phone So leave the message at the tone" Hahahahaha Lazy Song from Bruno Mars The real fact .... I don't have the choice above. I need to wake up early from my bed and go to work earn cash to live in this world. huhuhuhuh... Anyway, I am glad today is Friday!!!!!! Yeayyyy!!!! I am on half day leave today. Later going out to collect my car registration car from Finance. Finally! I settled my car loan. Yeayyyy!!!! I have one more car to gooooooo.... ah! this one will be another 5 years to go. arggghhhhh!!! Last night dinner was Goat dinner equivalent. Plain salad without any dressing. To be exact I ate fresh leaves!!!!! So suffer to loose weight. This morning settle with half chappati for breakfast. My black coffee I brought from home, I left in my car at Basement 2 car park. Ah! so lazy to go back down since I am going on half day leave later

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