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A walk to remember

Like many others... I have memories to remember my younger time. The smells of refreshing 'old trees'.... Calming green lake.... Peaceful view of tree branches bowing down to the water... What a lovely scene.... I just love this beautiful nature... I want to remember this forever....     For old time memory sake....hhehehehe ...WTH!!!!   Oh Gosh!!!!! ridiculous scene...trying to do the surfing pose...WTH!!!! I guess my photographer almost rolling to the ground trying to capture me...WTH!!!   'Chatime' at Taiping Lake Garden   This is nothing got to do with lake garden but trying my best to be a obedient daughter... By eating this 'roti telur' for breakfast???? Nay!!!!!! Waking up early morning... and that morning happen to be raining day... The feeling to force yourself to get out of warm comfortable blanket...Gosh!!!! For my parent sake.... End up volunteering to drive them to morning market....ear

I give up Hyun Joong

Due to some urgency , I have to stay out until almost 1am in the morning. I reached home almost 1.44am and end up with severe headache! I am not able to wake up from my bed and only able to force myself at almost 1.00pm. Doc verdict.... I am suffering with very low blood pressure. It drop to almost 90/120 and it cause me headache and doc request me to rest well and avoid higher ground. Re think about what had happened last night... its like a dream and almost end up....I have nothing to comment and speechless with the response that I received.... and the treatment that I got... no matter in what situation... appreciate is not only word to utter because it is just meaningless but action is most important... Adult is adult and they have to be responsible in whatever path they choose.... its applies to everyone with no exemption... no such thing as you are not at right mind.... word is word .... done is done.... with not regret... just face it and move on.... jia yor jia yor! I w


Whats for dinner? Single woman like me either pack from the nearest restaurant or try to mix and match anything from the fridge. Ah! tonight mix and match is chick peas from R&R when I am travelling from North on Sunday and salads which I bought last last and last weekend... thank god that salad still fresh then I mix with tuna & sunflower oil and dash of black pepper. Here we go.... my lunch and dinner... skip lunch just now due to over worked my self again. Taste? surprise!!!!! not bad... ehehehehe the truth is quite bad.... ahahaha not my taste! I end up throw it to dustbin and digging to strawberries I bought during my weekend trip. Well... this office will not put me to rest even one minute. Every moment is all about surprise. Aw! not good or happy surprise but always full of stupid and problematic surprise. If I have a man and that man thought I will appreciate surprise to lighten up our relationship...... I will ditch that man right away! I hate surprise from now on....


I was so lazy... ooppppssss ... not was but still lazy. Somebody called me last night and still asking me the same question. Have you decided? mmmm... ah! should I answer or should I not answer. Dont want to be rude and dont feel like to be polite either. I reached home almost 12.30 noon and my mind focus to my marathon plan. Marathon for Playful Kiss...Manage to finish the entire episodes (16) until 12 mid nite.Yo! I am with my Zombie face to work... overdose of radiation from my computer. Anyway, I am happy and satisfy.I even dream about Hyun Joong at night.... wow...dont feel want to wake up at all.... I like the feeling of being in dreamland again... I was waiting for this for so long ever since Boys Over Flower and Personal Taste series craze ended. I have many photos to upload but yet I am so lazy. My CM trip was the most memorable journey. Of course hiccup here and there but manageable with my snobbish and cocky attitude make into play. hehehehe... Yeah! I am trying to be a DIV

My various weekend finally

Whoa!!! don't really achieve much this weekend. I wish I have extended weekend..... wahahahaha or never ending weekend. Eat and eat and eat... the most enjoyable moment in life... My Saturday Brunch.....being greedy again! squid sambal, omelete, triangle bean & chicken rendang... mmmmm rated 4/10 Saturday brunch dessert.... sweet sweet cupcakes... yucksss!!!! rated 1/10.... I want bisou cupcakes I saw hanging duriansssss just now Sunday brunch - Tarbush Lamb briyani rated 5/10... I wish its hot but serve it cold... Tarbush - lamb swarma...rated 5/10...not bad! not to forget me ehehehe Sunday teatime - 2 cute egg tarts plus one cute girl kakakaka and another cute girl wahahahaha plate of enemy @ the gate toast bread one special brew coffee ooopppsss kopi! broken dam toast bread and another cute sailormoon pose Christmas feel @ Pavillion... ahahaha same old tree and deco like last year and me again Faranheit Christmas deco for the first time Me digging into my pocket f

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