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Living Surviving

I woke up last Saturday with my Boss phone call rang to my ears... Owhh!!!! WTH! Forced to wake up with a cheer mood to asnwer the call. WTH! Anyway, I need the salary to pay for my medical expenses though so God Bless!!!! On computer and check out my email. mmmm... Milly Ng from Central Physio in HK has replied me. I need to plan my trip there for my severe bunion treatment. Owwwhhhh! hell it is expensive trip ever! My saving still not enough to cover the treatment cost yet. Now I have to think about accomodation cost,living expenses,transportation and bla bla bla and the bla bla bla is actually dollar sign blink blink in my head! WTH! My hair falling like raining day to think about all this. Ah! not to mention , I need to crack my head talk to my boss in diplomatic way that I am going away for at least 14 days from work place but I still can work from HK. Basically, pack up my things and relocate there for 2 weeks.... Aissshhhh!!!! I should find Mil


My own master piece- Black Bean Mackerel Spagetti Yeah! baybeh ... this may look ugly but taste??? marvelous!!!! Last Saturday lunch meeting with Jack & Julie at Ben's General Food Store near Bangsar....mmmm this is the salad I choose.. so refreshing This is Julie's choice at Ben's General Food Store... Seafood Pizza This is my favourite Nasi Lemak @ Pavillion on Sunday brunch last week Saturday night food hunting ended at Restoran Thai Lagoon @ Bandar Sunway ... Pineapple Fried Rice with Mix Tom Yam Balance up with this Mix Veggie with Mushroom add the spiciness with this Spicy Prawn fired with Basil Leaves.... OMG SO HOT!!!!! Woke up on Sunday morning with dry throat and not well but I still go hunt for more food.... Travel all the way to Semenyih and end up at Uncle Din's Briyani House and my verdict is........ two thumb down due to their food was cold and the taste???.... I think my cooking skills ar

Princess Panda Dreams

New Year Resolution

Happy New Year to all human kind and other species on earth!!! I started my new year with bad health condition. My blood pressure drop again and was headache and vomitting again. Although I am very tight up with my preparation to my next year life, I still manage to spend time with my old buddies of 15 years at De Palma. 4 remain single and 2 married with on kid. Everybody success in their own way and I am very proud of them. When you talk about new year many will say, lets start a new book. or let us make list of resolution to achieve. I am one of them previously. I made a long list and not many in the list is achieveable . Hahahaha it was easy to list down but not so easy to make a move to achieve them one by one. I can say first step and determination is important to make it happen. OK this year I will not do anymore resolution. I will live my life as it is and goes with the time. No more list. No more empty promises to myself. I want to see what is the different to live the life wi

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