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While I am enjoying

I feel devastated to witness such horrible disaster whille I am alive. I feel sad and hurt for the news. All I ever heard it was history. This time it really happening. Start from Tsunami wiped out Acheh and Sri Lanka and this time our great sun rising country Japan. Imagine the lost. The lost of family , your love ones and all beloging. The survivor need to move on and start all over again with strong heart and strong feet. The dead, we just pray with hope they could let go and go peacefully. This is all God will. He knows what he is doing. I read in my favourite kpop news my beloved Kim Hyun Joong have a big heart. He immediately donated 10 million won to the victim in Japan. Saranghae.....Hyun Joong! While I am enjoying food others are suffering for no food.... I feel a bit guilty in heart.... My mind does not wake up this morning... I drove to work half heartedly. Knowing the fact school holiday started. I feel I am schooling too and need a break too. But it is all in my sweete

Entertainment for D Day

I just reached home when my phone rang. I answered the call and one lady start scolding me. She were saying my telephone number in her husband phone and she read all those romantically sms between her husband and so called 'me'. I tried to stop her attack but she dont even give me a chance to interrupt. sigh! I just want to ask what number is she dialing. Thats all! She keep shouting me slut! whore! and on an on and on... I can just hang up the call but I pity her so angry like mad person and afraid she kill herself right after I hang up. So I just kept quiete and listen to her for almost 5 minutes accusation on so called 'me'. She then realised the silenceness on my end. Then she start " hello hello are you listening to me WHORE!" I replied "Yeah! I am listening! Go on..." The she said " You bitch!" di di da da di da... and on and on.. Then I asked her " Hi lady! what number are you trying to call? and who is the person you lookin

Apple Inc Part 1

This morning I was driving with one eye open due to my contact lense came out. My eyes too dry.Is so difficult and scary. Thank God! manage to reach office safely. Last night, I am suppose to start my analysis on SWOT, Value Chain, PESTLE and many other tools that I had learned in my Competitive Strategy class on Apple Inc. Yeah! need to complete that by this Sunday and send over to turnitin and get the cert. then can submit on 10th July 2009. Worst thing! I end up staring at the computer blank and don't know how to start... I suppose to think about Apple Inc. but end up think about Apple as a fruit. Isshhh! for 3 hours sat there with all apples flying above my head. How to start? Even this morning I am in the office I still don't have any clue on how to start. I will try again tonight and think hard about this when I am driving back tonight. I am also very worried on my coming Saturday presentation. Ah! for the sake of getting the salary at the end of the month. I will give m

Busy Busy

As mentioned before, its busy 2 months ahead for me. Enough to say I have been like nomad for the past few weeks. Work loads and studies. I am also busy managing up in the company. I feel like I don't have any private time. I come home to just have some 4-5 hours sleep. Most of the time on the road or office. I miss my korean and japanese drama. But sometimes when you getting older you don't have time to watch all this craps anymore! If I still have time to watch all this meaning , no progress in life. I am working harder.. yeay yea people say work smart not hard.. I tried to be smart but I am not that smart so have to accept the fact and work harder and put more efforts! Tough journey! I wish to see my so called silence enemy at the top. I want to look down at him one day and say hey! I am more successful than you with my own effort. Nothing to proud off if you are overidding on story such selling magazines door to door. But the story need to be consistent. If you can afford R

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