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Vegreen Vegan Skincare Review

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Self Kuta Legian Touring - part 1

Since my connection is so out and I am freaking busy with my work today. There will be a part 2 for my 23rd Dec 2010 self touring Kuta - Legian. It was hot and sunny day, I am wondering what its like to walk under the hot sun and touring like one lost woman in a foreign land. So cover up myself with lots of sunblock. Armed with one bottle of mineral water to satisfy my thirst. Opppsss passport and some cash... yeay! I am a foreigner here. I started walking around 10.30am and end my journey almost afternoon around 3.00pm. I have no specific direction but just walk and walk and walk since the road always end up to the beach. Poor ox in Indon... they end up with no butt due to this dishes I found ketupat in Bali... the price is sky high... Why did I took this photo? I don't have a clue myself kekekeke....random shoot iguess What is he selling... I noticed this kind of street pedlers everywhere and i believe this is children toys Pantai Legian!!!!!! They bare it sunny day..

Counting Days

My Office World will end soon... 15 years working hard - my blood , my sweat, my tears and surviving with monthly salary and accept whatever people gave me without demanding more and more. I finally counting days to put everything an end and now still working hard but my end pay will depends on how strong am I mentally to make this business work at least for another 5 years. Never expect easier life and I know my life will be more difficult after this. I need to train myself to be stronger mentally and physically. Anyway, for time being I am counting days for my final trip this year 2010. I want to start year 2011 with - * Open mind * Open heart * Open ears Eat Play Love............. ahahaha finally flying with MAS again after 10 years ago....I am aiming for business class next time ahahaha soooo ambitious... but not impossible to achieve because I have another at least 9 months to work towards it! Sailormooooooonnnnn Rina fighting!!!!

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