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I Lost My Second Tooth While Drinking Morning Coffee

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Living away from parent and family for almost 20 years make me living my own way. Even though I am born in Malay family my way of living is too foreign for Malay Community. I have my own way of interpretation in life. Nothing to proud of anyway. I feel lucky that my parent is one sporting parent who don't too emphasis in following the culture. They are fine as long as their daughter live happily and don't cause trouble. I remember when many times went back to my hometown converse in Malay with Chinese Slang since most my friend was Chinese at that time.What is my Mom reaction???? hahahaha she almost slap my face. My Mom were saying , Thank God! I never send you to England.kekekekeke.. I remember cook Chinese style food when my Mom ask me to cook. muahahahaha..... she just shake her head....what happen to my daughter???? I just gave her the look that...oho Mom! this is not my fault...I just evolve according to my surrounding....hehehehe When talking about way of eating

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