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I Lost My Second Tooth While Drinking Morning Coffee

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1st Day - Fasting month

My 1st Day Fasting , I break my fast with Dates,Apricot, Corn and Yakult. I thought of eating Maggi Curry with mushroom but suddenly feel lazy to cook. I am lazy to stop by the near by restaurant for more decent meal. I settle for food in photo for my dinner. I feel really full and could not take anymore food right after. I am so blessed. Thank you God for the food! I wish all people in the world to have bless meal and good life !

Loose Weight in One month time

How bad am I to loose my weight? Very desperate! Anything that I have not done to loose weight ? I did : - Yoga - Pilattes - Dancing - Aerobic - Gym exercise - Starve myself - Don't eat rice for 3 months - Diet pills - Detox Many more to list down. Result '0'! Why?? I believe I am not persistence enough. I wish to loose weight at least 3kg during this fasting month. Last year I loose 4 kg during fasting month but gain another 5kg right after normal month. ahahaha... yeah! Tell me about it! I bet many of you face the same problem as well right???

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