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Blur Saturday

Love it! Weekend!!!! Yeay!!! Yesterday half day was a great day! I manage to go to 2 bank and pick up my both cars registration cards. Yeay! I achieved something yesterday. I still have many times left before it gets to late night. So decided to go for movies marathon. X Men : First Class and Super 8 in a row. hahahahaha... crazy woman on the roamed last night! Satisfied Friday!!!! This morning ,I plan to do many things but at the end I don't achieve as much as I want. I drove to car wash with hope I could get my baby wash up. Yeay! due to my lack of patience,I end up not washing my baby for almost 4 months. I hardly can see what is my baby's color anymore. Reached at car wash and saw many cars lining up! Ah! baby forgive your mummy she just don't want to spoil her whole day waiting to see you get wash up. Some other time baby! Then I went to my usual saloon to touch up my springy noodles hair. I was told I need to wait for another 20 minutes. Ah! me w

Lazy Monday

Yes! it is Monday Monday... 4 more days to Saturday!!!! I wish everyday is school holiday... less traffic jam. So all children you no need to go to school , home schooling will be better :) What I do last weekend? Breakie at Old Town Jaya One on Sat with X Office mate. Then shop at my favorite store. Back home and then out again to try my luck for kungfu panda aka my brother.:) But no luck ...end up eating yeah! me eat eat eat what else you want me to do. Today ah!!!! look at that table of mind...mmmmm long day today especially my Bos is flying into Malaysia. I can't see the light for me to off early this week. Now my mood swing is swinging up and down. How nice if I don't choose to be greedy.... Then my life would be a lot easier!!!!!

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