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My 2010 closing

Year of Tiger is ending soon.... countdown around two weeks plus. This year full of adventurous and accomplishment!!!!! I will close 2010 with another shocking and adventurous trip!!!! Bali! for next week??? ah! I think I should go for week of Christmas! April - Shanghai Sep - Krabi Nov - Cameron Dec - Bali???? mmmm is this happening to me? Yeah! why not .... and work harder for 3 quarter next year and hope to cover more of China end of quarter next year? Ah! I definately book now! cheap hotel no problem and I will spend my time outdoor most of the time and be strong to open up my eyes to another place while I am still strong and while my bunion dont grow so big until that I can still walk happily and travel to places I want to go. Just wait for another adventure!!!! We will see whether this will become reality??? too early to plan but not too late to book kekekekeke kuta nusa legian seminyak wo lai ler..... My bright bright smile for hopeful new year! 3 men 4 girls??? who is t

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