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Renew Passport in Malaysia

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What Online Shopping Sales Did To Me?

Online Shopping is a norm. Double-digit online sales is a staple now. Starting from the pioneers of double-digit ecommerce events like Shopee and Alibaba's Lazada have strong presence in Malaysia. I personally has been sucked up into the whole idea of doing my online shopping only during sales event such as Double-digit.  This end up with me being recruited to become one of the Mini Ambassador at Lazada. This is basically an Affiliate Marketing. I make use of my hobby as content creator to do this. I earn small commission from any purchase thru my Lazada Affiliates link . My own personal shopping doesn't count, ya! So sad because I really shop almost everything online.  To be honest, I am not a good sales and marketing person. 😜 I just love to create content. Somehow I end up becoming one. 🤣 Not a successful one but enough to earn some small side money out of this hobby.  Other than commission earnings, from time to time Lazada is 'kind enough' to offer some  Bonus ca

Wasted My Money With Lazada Beauty Box

Recently , Lazada was on Birthday sales. Some of the items on good bargain to my eyes ,was Beauty Box . Among all Beauty Box listed , I chose one from my favorite skincare Brand, Mamonde .  It listed as ' Mamonde Birthday Surprise Box Skin-Care' at RM99 .  The listing promised the contents of the box will be at least 7 items worth RM200.   It suppose to be a good surprise and I was so excited to wait for the box to reach me. The delivery rather super express since it took less than 4 days to reach me.  When I opened the box...I was really SURPRISE !  7 items as promised. Yeayyyy!!!!! But...its all crapssss....nothing I want! Did it really worth RM200 as promised? Well...I checked price online... * Mask cost RM6 * Sleeping mask RM58.25 (after disc) * Trial kit listed as RM99.11 after discount but they include in Hydro Cream 50ml. Mine received with just 15ml cream * That small 15 ml sleeping mask ..not sure how much it cost? If calc

Lazada Online Revolution Blogger Contest

Another shopping time coming ahead! I bet many online shoppers are waiting anxiously for up-coming Online Revolution Sales. Lazada Malaysia, Southeast Asia's number one online shopping and selling destination is launching Online Revolution : Shop The Universe - which is going to be an exciting month-long online festival from 11.11 - 12.12. Many exciting deals and offers on popular products from well-known brands available! Back in old days, I was always skeptical on online shopping. Afraid of getting scam or whatsoever. When Lazada first started in Malaysia, I did some background check on Lazada Malaysia before  make my first online purchase. I online make my purchase after found out Lazada is a big company with good track records. What is my first product that I ever purchased online ? What was it and how was my first experience? I still remember my first product I ever purchased online is Home Sauna set price around RM200 plus that time. The products reached

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