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Dental Problems Can Be Daunting

  I went to the dentist this morning due to swelling on the palate part. There is a small bump there too. I just walked in early in the morning without an appointment. I was lucky the designated appointment was cancelled. See? Not many people are as early birds as me.  The usual dentist checked on me. She recommended an X-Ray. Obviously! I anticipated this. The X-Ray showed that there is an infection on the root. The worst part is the root is beneath the metal crown which I did somewhere end of last year. WTH! Although, the dentist has done the root canal treatment before the crown was placed, apparently, there is some leftover missed out. According to here not all root canal treatment is 100% successful. Aihhhhh! now you said this? She also claimed that my small mouth opening and my jaw problem made her miss out. Aigo! so defensive from the start. Gosh! I am not putting any blaming at all in the first place. I visited with the hope of a solution. She ends up referring me to the specia

New Year Resolution 2022

  Since this will be my final blog post for the year 2021, let's keep it short. Pat on our back. We survive another year.  I remember in my younger days, used to set a long list of new year resolutions almost every year without fail. When I  take a look at my list from old diaries...Gosh! I almost fall off my chair. Why is it all the same? As if a copy and paste the reso on yearly basis. Even the order is kind of 80% similar. **facepalm** ish ish ish... I would say the first top three in my new year reso was Lose Weight, Save Money, Stay Healthy. Jeng...Jeng...Deja Vu! This was a common New Year resolution. There were seven others on the list but it was just my childish dream. Lets the dream be the dream and things shouldn't come true for a reason. Believe in Gods Will! As I grow older, at this age the new year resolution isn't my thing anymore. I will not live my life towards any resolution. It won't work anyway. Not for me. Maybe ageing made me things this way. Or per

Sleeping Partner Wanted

Read this with your own wildest imagination 😂 My top left tooth has been hurting for 2 weeks. I clearly understand its time for me to let this one go. I have been keeping it for 2 years now. I visited a few dentists and all advise me to do the extraction due to the crack is pretty severe. Many times my ears here have been listening to the false accusation from all these dentists. They have been accusing me of biting a very very very hard thing which causes my tooth to crack in such a manner. Yeah! I guess one of my hobbies to bite the wall and table edge in my house. I seriously, hurt by this accusation tho. I don't even dare to bite any ice cube. You are telling me this and that. Who the hell are you to judge me that way?  From there on...I have been eating with just my right side. My left side has been resting for 2 years. Until last week, the pain got very severe. I guess this is the time to let it go...let it go... I made an appointment with the dentist. Totally

An Appointment with Myself

The recent incident in my life kind of traumatized me, a bit. I was affected emotionally and feeling unworthy and low self-esteem . I was not sound minds when the news came to me. I can't cry and react so much too. I was not sure how to feel. isk isk isk Every moment after that, I wish it wasn't the truth and its all a nightmare and just need to wake up. Keep telling myself everything will be alright. This is not true! Reality hits me! Well, I have been holding out my emotion too long though. I walked out with the feeling of my existence and effort is not worthy to be acknowledged. That's how I really feel until now.  When I decided to live a lonely life 25 years ago, realize this will be a rough life journey for me. Time like this, don't have a shoulder to cry on and even a place to whine for the unfair treatment... its normal reaction to have SUICIDAL thoughts. I admitted it came to my mind last week. I was feeling tired because I need to start every

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