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Difference between Hyaluronic Acid vs. Glycolic Acid for skin

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I am glad today is Saturday!!! Enjoying morning black coffee after morning running...totally my style!!!! Yesterday, I feel I took the longest lift ride down from 20th floor. There was this couple in the lift together with me. They really made me feel like I am 'Lamp Post'! I will refer them as Boy and Girl... Boy : Cutie Pie! where you want to go for dinner? (Pie Comel! mana awak nak makan malam ni?) Girl : Ah! Pumpkin! you choose la... (with very babyish tone and she really made my hair strand stand still) (Ah Labu! awak pilih la....) Boy : you choose la... (awak pilih la...) Girl : aloooooooooo..... (she made this sound with the nasal voice ok...and it was damn long..aloooooo) Boy push girl and girl push boy and kekekekekekeke sounds of childish giggle from both of them. I may sounded a bit jealous because they have each other....but seriously....I keep thinking myself as Ally Mcbeal... you know that comedy series in year 1997..


Woke up this morning with a feeling... Ah...I am alive again. I am one day older... My body aching...sign...I am ageing....yeah! I am going through that natural process. Everybody is going through this time. Drove outside...see people with family in outing? Walked to the buying groceries... Stop by the cafe for with children having happy family breakfast. While driving back home from dry clean...make me thinking.....isk isk...sad... Who will comfort me when I am in pain? Who will pour me drink when I unable to pour it myself? Who will feed me food when I no longer have energy to cook or buy my own? Who will massage my aching body when I am sick? Who will attend to me if I am on the sick bed? Who will console me when I am in fear to let go my life? Who will be by my side at the end of my life??? I am comfortable with my current life...being alone and everyday alone is what I wanted. But this doesn't stop me fr

Positive mind

This morning I woke up with feeling the pain on my right feet bunion area. Intolerable painful bone!!!! Hurting like you are dying... I look at my alarm clock beside my bed, it was 4.30am. Uh! here I am lying on my bed with painful feet. I was at office very early this morning. Decided to have thosai with dhal for breakfast. Eat a little and my appetite totally gone. I just can't eat it all. Last night my only dinner was mushroom soup and this went down to my toilet bowl. My system a bit out this week. Yesterday lunch I was telling my colleague lets go to different food place since next week I can't join her for lunch due to fasting month. Yesterday menu was Briyani Rice from Wisma Central. Then we visited temple nearby for Chinese Red Bean and Peanut pancake for dessert. All of them went to the toilet bowl . Here goes my luxury lunch.I just feel headache and what I ate just wanna go out! Am I sick??? My system starting to malfunction again? Ah! I need to change

Legian Beach Sunset

I have a feeling I am gonna start my new year with running nose.... I can feel it coming....the symptom and the sneezing... huhuhuhuh I dont like it this way :( Back to my long journey in Bali kekeke... when I said my 24th Dec 2010 ends at Taman Ayun Temple... I am wrong hahaha... I finished my Bedugul Trip late afternoon. But hey! it is Christmas Eve why should I stuck in the hotel watching that Indon sad drama. mmmmm armed with my camera and of course my passport and cash (dont want to end up in Bali lock up because I am foreigner here). I went strolling by Legian beach and noticed many people sitting waiting anxiously... what are they waiting for? Just like normal human curiosity comes to my mind. I waited like others... I stand there and look at the same direction like other human.... not alien ok repeat again human!!! Owhh!!!! magical! I am fascinating and like being hypnotised with the creation of God! Beautiful! marvellous! amazing.... hehehe a bit out of space because this is m

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