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Healthy Diet

I am sharing this healthy diet plan because many of women out there is killing themselves to look good. Many tends to take diet pills and many funny thing and end up getting the side effect out of this. If you want to look good, just do it in the right way and the most important is your determination and consistent. DETOXIFICATION TIME (CLEASING TIME) - 4AM - 12PM Breakfast - Breakfast is important and need to be taken within half an hour from moment of waking up to stabilizes blood sugar level and reduce sugar cravings. - If breakfast is taken more than 2 hours after waking up. metabolic rate will drop at least 5% Proposed Breakfast meal * Yogurt + Kiwi + Red Apple or * 2 whole meal bread + peanut butter or * 2 eggs + plain milo DIGESTION TIME (TIME TO EAT) - 12PM - 8PM Lunch - Interval between meals must be 5 hours but not more than 6 hours - If meal interval more than 6 hours snack should be taken in between Proposed lunch * 1/2 bowl of rice * one bowl of vegies


How to resist this temptation? I am talking about Ipad2...... Tempting to order online that 32Gb Gadget from that Apple Store! Can God give me more strength and don't make me loose again this time? I love school holiday. Traffic was smooth like jelly. I like it ! I like it! ahak ahak...:) Boss not around! Time to lofting around.. kekekeke yeah! yeah! as long as I can deliver good result anything will do. Read an article about that covered woman who want all the wife in Malaysia to act like a prostitute in front of husband. Aissshhhh... she better go find something better to get famous over night! Maybe her statement was misinterpreted by the media. We don't know! Whatever it is all woman in the world, please get your feet together and put your head up. Your husband is just a human and they are not God. Come to your senses and  live as individual like normal human did! My Eel Jang Keun Suk was here last week. It was late when my friend told me he has 2 tickets to J

Too late

I have few photos from my previous weekend which I am still in lazy mood to upload. Yeah! it is another weekend now. I am waiting for this day almost every week. I like the feeling of spending my time at my own leisure and do what ever I like. Ithought of going out in the morning but end up doing my weekend chores. mmmm... not in the mood again. We will see whether I make my decision to service my car tyre. I have been dragging this since 2 months ago. Anyway, work place nothing much to talk about. The time I am waiting for almost make to realise next week 3rd May 2011. Manage to force through despite many challenges. This is not the end of everything but this is just a starting point. The most challenging part is the next step which I am quite nervous to face it. Am I strong enough just for the sake of being the survivor? The most important person whi suppose to show his face on the day not coming to the last minute. Yeah! this what my beloved friend always telling me 'Cause and e

Trying to loose weight

I was trying hard to eat healthily this week. Monday morning breakfast oat blend with strawberries, anlene milk and yogurt. I have spinach soup with 2 beancurd and then I skip dinner. At night continue my dance routine of kpop song for an hour. Result for Monday.....uhuhuhuhuhu can't sleep because too hungry. Tuesday morning, compensate with half plate of 'nasi lemak' (yeah! the most fattening food in Malaysia)kekekekeke... here goes my healthy diet. Obviously , my dream to have 'S' line pass by just like that.huhuhuhuhuhu Nowadays, I feel I am so lack of discipline:( Yesterday, I received a call from one candidate who sent his resume via online. Yeah! I read his application but just not ready to interview him yet due to his technical background. I need suitable technical staff to interview him. He kind of oversold himself calling to my office at least 4 times. I come to extend to instruct my girl not to put him through to me. I took his first call and he keep sell

Between Study and Work

These few days, my life is upside down... I am in between of study for my next class. Then I need to do my assignments. My workload become tripple and end of the month coming up! The most important in the world at this time is to study for my next interview and do THE BEST BUSINESS PROPOSAL. This is for my future. I only have one chance... I have to work for this. I have to make sure I do my VERY VERY BEST! I feel not enough time for myself right now! Hopefully this is a worth it sacrifice! Although I feel very tired but I have no choice to force myself. Dinner for tonight? Whatelse? feel like eating maggie but have to stick with my diet no dinner. JUST PLAIN WARM WATER uwaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... I need to loose weight, badly!

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