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Meeting Others

My problem not eating properly still not solve. I am trying my best to eat ligher as possible so I don't have to throw up. Many invitations from friend to break fast together , I don't have choice but to reject with my own reason. I am sorry... I am not well! Meeting and eat people meaning I have to force myself to eat like normal people. I can't or I will be miserably throwing up right after. I am traning myself to slowly and at small portion. Tonight I boil my own gochujang mushroom and carrot soup. So far so good and hope it could digest well and give some nutrition to my body. I want to live healthily!


I was watching this series called 'Drop Dead Diva'. This series totally remind me about part of life I misses. Is about a lady used to be slim hot sexy and well but not so brainy. But now she is fat and way beyond size 4 and she is a smart lawyer. How could I misses this? I am not used to be hot or sexy? I am not a Lawyer either. I misses my size 3 clothings huhuhuhuhuhu.....:( When we are getting ageing , nutrition is totally not absorbing into your body and metabolism getting too low and whatever we ate convert into fat adding to below our skin thicker and thicker and goes your size getting bigger and bigger and bigger and it is hard to stop from being explode from your existing pants! Result to this? More shopping to do or may end up repeating the same clothings again and again and again. I have no patient to exercise or even eat healthy food such as oat for breakfast and eat salad for my lunch and dinner. I have nobodyelse to blame but only myself. Who I

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