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Another 2 Weeks

This ramadhan feel very fast... I guess I am getting matured...eheh...don't want to use that word 'old'. I don't feel that bad for not drinking a single drop of water the whole day. I don't feel hungry at all...... So far back from work head straight to my fridge to take out whatever in the fridge and strat thinking on what to cook. Yesterday, I cook kimchi soup with soy bean curd and lots of vege throw in... Half way eating feeling so good ar? You think I can lose weight like this ar? mmmmm... I guess my body give up to lose weight. I don't eat much and don't drink that much of water too....but my weight has been very stagnant...WTH!!!! ooooppssss....'puasa'. Another 2 weeks.... 'raya time'. Received this morning from Chingu at 12:21pm.... Chingu : Good morning! you wake up ledi ar???? Me : Of courseeeeeeeee!!!! Chingu : Wanna watch movie??? Me : Of courseeeeeee!!!! Chingu : What movie ar??? haiiisssh


Last Monday, I was on half day leave...yeah...went for medical result appointment. Jeng jeng...need to reduce my weight due to my knee problem...I am fat meh? Not that fat what!!1 Anyway, for health reason...Doc said less carb and eat more and more and more vege and fibres stuff. So after came back from hospital...with high for my vege... One busy woman who don't have time to cook or cut vege to I just need to do this once and just open the tub and eat it...crunch crunch...snacking my vege. Here goes the hard work for one hour just to prepare my a month kimchi stock snack.     Cabbage with white raddish kimchi   cucumber pickle with honey and vinegar   white raddish and leek kimchi   My favourite drink....honey lemon...drink this warm with sprinkle of cinamon powder....refreshing   mmmmm...proud of myself...but because of this month stock my cute petite fridge...pack with all this and when I

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