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Love or Loyalty

I did some thinking while enjoying my peaceful Saturday morning just now. Doing some cleaning then filing up my tax form. Blend my yogurt drink and reading Saturday newspaper. Love or Loyalty? Love? What is that? Emotion, affection and stong attachment. What it loyalty? Faithfullness and devotion. If you were to choose between love and loyalty, which one you will choose? Don't be greedy to choose both. It is very rare to have both in your life. You need to choose only one. Myself personally choose loyalty. Yeah! I am one realistic person who don't really love will last. Human will change according to time. Couple meet fall in love. Stay together with hope both love could last forever. mmmmm.... it is very rare for this feeling not to change . This is proven by the increase in divorce rate nowadays. Loyalty is ok without love. It is purely devotion and faithfulness and be able to accept whatever weakness or strengths of the other party. For me this will last forever. It is not n

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