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Proud to be myself

EPP Bonanza - 19 projects and development to contribute RM67billion in investment and will create 35,000 jobs. Just look at the list of 19 companies involve in this EPP under ETP and think deeper. I can't comment here. Just think deeper again the 35,000 jobs opening soon how this will be filled? Think and think harder as Malaysia. Who will be benifited? Just think deeper are all this while all these are well distributed among Malaysian or just limited to certain level??? Think again.... As Malaysian, I worked hard since I was 19 years old. Worked like donkey and with every sen I save up to finance my own study. Where I am now, I really proud of myself but not as Malaysian but just myself. Malaysia is not a bad country and we are among the bless one but it could been better. Anyway, let us all pray for the better for everybody! mmmm... today's work , was stuck in meeting for almost 4 hours and a half meeting. So damn sleepy but have to pretend as if I am fully awake and recharge


I reached with donno what to eat, as usual. I feel no appetite at all and everything seems not right at all. As usual when got back in the house, I will on the TV and computer. But tonight.... jeng jeng I almost scream oh i did screamed and cried when I saw what near my balcony sliding door... that ulat gonggok iewwwwwwwwwww wanna type the name make my hair feel eerriee... How the hell did this creature climbed up here? This one is one of my biggest fear... I feel sick suddenly! Yup! fever.. same like when I was 7 yrs old when this thing appear near me. Damn! i just tried my best to use brooms and sweep up to the dust casing and boommm here u go to the toilet with 10 times flushed. Go away! Go away! Dont disturb my miserable life. Today especially feel not so good when my group members are freaking happening. OK Cindyrina just suck up your efficiency since you are among the most 'tidak apa' group! I thought I will only find this kind of attitude among the Malays.. But hey! all

Happy Monday

Another Monday morning.. I am enjoying my Monday morning listening to forever awesome 'Boys Before flower' soundtrack ' and drinking my old town white coffee' after one wholesome 'Red Dragon Fruit' mmmmpphh! I feel fresh! What a good Monday morning.. It is good to start early on Monday. Many things to accomplish. Hope my mission complete this week. Yeah! this week is my classes week. So life a bit like hell with that hahaha.. I will try to maintain cool this week.. although don't know what to expect! Last Saturday , went for group discussion. Appointment at 10.00am and as usual Malaysian being Malaysian some even turn up at 11.30am never respect other members time at all. We had came very early wait patiently for them. Good that we manage to complete something during the meeting . Last us around 1.30pm. Drove back home and checked in to TGV for Terminator hahaha yeah! naughty Rina! Suppose to study back home back end up facing the big screen and do some wind

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