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Pang Pang Hair Shadow : A Versatile Makeup Bag Essential from Mamonde

I think many of us familiar with the word Eye Shadow but a bit strange with the word of Hair Shadow . A conservative thinker may feel hair shadow is just for someone who are having lesser hair and bald hair. huhuhuhuh...well...nothing to be ashamed for being bald. You are a lucky one to hair such a fuller hair with less gap in between of your hairline. If you have been following my blog, you will notice I hardly pull my hair back into a stubby ponytail. I have a situation where my hairline has a huge gap due to hair fall. huhuhuh...sad case for any woman. I am not a fashionista or a highly skilled beauty blogger who will mix up a palette of eye shadow colour to highlight on and fill up the gap. The wrong step in doing that with my unskillful hand may end up with a huge beauty mishap embarrassment to myself. kekekeke Recently, I was introduced to Pang Paang Hair Shadow by my all time favourite Korean Brand Mamonde. I would say, I was glad to accept this beauty workshop i

Radiant Rosy Complexion with Mamonde All Stay Foundation

When it comes for travelling, I always looking for a foundation which can stay all day long without any hassles to fix up or touch up along the way. Seriously, I have no time for that at all during my travel. Recently, a bouquet of Mamonde All Stay Foundation reached my office doorstep. A bit 'paiseh' since people thought I have some secret admirer trying to 'woo' me. Common! At this age of nearly expiring? Still 'laku' meh? Just as its packaging with freshly bloomed roses, Mamonde All Stay Foundation claimed to give us women a radiantly rosy complexion. Mamonde All Stay Foundation comes in three rosy shades  to cater to various skin tones. You can choose to custom fit the best suits your skin tone.   Mamonde All Stay Foundation Shade:  21N Ivory  Mamonde All Stay Foundation Shade:  23N Sand Mamonde All Stay Foundation Shade:  25 Tan I tried Mamonde All Stay Foundation recently and my experience tells me, I need to

Wasted My Money With Lazada Beauty Box

Recently , Lazada was on Birthday sales. Some of the items on good bargain to my eyes ,was Beauty Box . Among all Beauty Box listed , I chose one from my favorite skincare Brand, Mamonde .  It listed as ' Mamonde Birthday Surprise Box Skin-Care' at RM99 .  The listing promised the contents of the box will be at least 7 items worth RM200.   It suppose to be a good surprise and I was so excited to wait for the box to reach me. The delivery rather super express since it took less than 4 days to reach me.  When I opened the box...I was really SURPRISE !  7 items as promised. Yeayyyy!!!!! But...its all crapssss....nothing I want! Did it really worth RM200 as promised? Well...I checked price online... * Mask cost RM6 * Sleeping mask RM58.25 (after disc) * Trial kit listed as RM99.11 after discount but they include in Hydro Cream 50ml. Mine received with just 15ml cream * That small 15 ml sleeping mask ..not sure how much it cost? If calc

Real Flower Extracts Mask from Mamonde

Recently Mamonde, A beauty Brand from South Korea launched their latest Flower Facial Mask for different skin need. Mamonde experts developed this latest Flower Facial Mask Line inspired by the distinctive properties of four selected flowers, namely the Rose, Heartleaf Houttuynia, Calendula and Evening Primrose. There are two types of wash-off mask and two types of sleeping mask. Mamonde Wash Off Mask comes with Rose Petal and Eoseong cho flower inspired Mamonde Rose Petal Purifying Bubble Mask Mamonde Eoseong cho / Chameleon Plant Pore Clean Clay Mask Mamonde Sleeping Mask comes with Calendula and Evening Primrose flower inspired. Mamonde Calendula Calming Hydro Sleeping Mask  Mamonde Evening Primrose Enriched Nutri Sleeping Mask Mamonde Rose Petal Purifying Bubble Mask, 100ml , Retail Price RM85 Suitable for : Dry Skin Dull and Fatigue Skin Mamonde Petal Purifying Bubble Mask infused with visible

Home DIY Facial Spa Tips with Mamonde's All New Flower Facial Mask Line

Most of us would agree that getting a facial mask treatment is pretty much one of the most relaxing experiences and the perfect remedy to rejuvenate our skin; be it after a long day at work or running errands away from home. After all, studies have claimed that taking a break from the whirlwind world and rewarding oneself including indulging in a facial spa treatment could potentially increase our overall day-to-day productivity. Nevertheless, in this hustle and bustle modern way of life we often find ourselves juggling between the hectic and busy schedules; this, coupled with the rise of living cost makes visiting the spa for a professional facial less economical, and perhaps not feasible for many of us. Experts recommend a regular facial routine to achieve a healthy, glowing skin. Not only facials help even out the look of your skin tone, one can also enjoy multiple deep cleansing benefits and experience overall rejuvenation. If you find yourself getting caught up in

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