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Krabi 4th Day - 4 Island Hoping (1st Island)

speed Boat clear sky good weather hot sun uwaaaaa no need sun bathe Yo Yo yo my 1st time speed boat ride Here come the 1st Island clear jade green sea water Dark brownie me Behind is marine base These ppl live here and response to our calls when we need them hungry! can eat or not? My 1st beach art shot My 2nd beach art shot Nice weather nice shot Beautiful scene another art shot wish I could swim and climb that rock island can see my ageing spot... wonder of make up they hide everything and without it you look 5 addition to your original age - the ugly side of me

Krrabi - 3rd Day Marine Fish Hatchery

I found this while on the way to Shell Cemetary site Very hot hot hot hot day.... sweating like in sauna....see behind background??? When I reached there 2 big buses loaded with Thai school kids.... educational trip maybe... Pretty tutsie!!! I was very close to them... mmm but dare not touch afraid they bite me The dancing fish... look like rythmic gymnastic

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