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Zombie at work

Life is fact... When I am happy I will start my entry with ... Oh! what a wonderful morning... and when I am upset.... what the heck the car in front of me drive like turtle. I was so nightmare last night and couldn't sleep at all. Should I say this is a nightmare or a beautiful dream. Why on earth I keep waking up and was all awake since 3am until time to go to work? What is my dream all about? Actually I kind of like the dream but the adventure in the dream make me wake up...:) Here goes my dream.... I am cute and adorable 24 years old girl who fall in love with an Indie Underground band lead singer. This guy is damn hot and cool... Ah... cant continue the rest of my dream because moral of last night... I shouldn't watch love chic movie before my bed time.:) The result? I am like a zombie at work. Brought my blanket and end up locking in my room sleeping until 8:30am. Ah! so not me to do this...but what can I do...there is a need for me to survive another 12 hours far away fr

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