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Meeting Others

My problem not eating properly still not solve. I am trying my best to eat ligher as possible so I don't have to throw up. Many invitations from friend to break fast together , I don't have choice but to reject with my own reason. I am sorry... I am not well! Meeting and eat people meaning I have to force myself to eat like normal people. I can't or I will be miserably throwing up right after. I am traning myself to slowly and at small portion. Tonight I boil my own gochujang mushroom and carrot soup. So far so good and hope it could digest well and give some nutrition to my body. I want to live healthily!

No appetite

My mood swing at downward level. Yeah! I couldn't eat... whatever I eat end up throwing out back. Yup! sounds grosssssssss!!! But I am the one experience this and its hurt!!!! 1. My throat hurt 2. I feel disgusting 3. I feel sad because I waste the food 4. I am afraid I am bulemic 5. I am afraid I get the stroke due to the pressure of throwing out 6. I am hungry but afraid to eat 7. i don't have energy and feel tired 8. If I die because of sad ... Now... I will pray to God to help me to live. I will do more good thing so God don't punish me like this. Can I make a wish now??? Below are my wish....:) I miss Seafood Spagetti   I want to eat shrimp omellete at Malacca  Me if my coffee not to my taste..... yup! coffee lover...once a day black coffee..but since Fasting month not a drop coffee down to my throat... Oh! I mean hot long black coffee..missing my coffee..isk isk isk 

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