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Reverse effect

Tonight Chelsea vs Harimau Malaya, who will win?? Hope they play a good game and at least our players could score at least one goal. If you want to loose at least grip something to hold on. My medication intake for my left shoulder pain is not doing well. I feel painful to my stomach when I took that pill the doctor presecribed to me. Maybe I should stop before thing get worsen. I search through the pill he presecribed is quite fatal if body is weak. Guess I am at that category. Next week will be going for another appointment to find out why from left shoulder and now my right shoulder and neck is hurting me too. My left hand is ginving me so much pain. I can't dress freely because not easy to lift up my hand without pain and cracking sound. I wish it is a straight road all the way. Every time I turn my steering my hand will hurt and can hear the cracking sound. ... and I am now officially Princess Cracking!

Surrender to Orthopedic

I don't have chance posting my entry yesterday. Not feeling well. I went to see GP yesterday morning for my neck and shoulder pain. She then referred me to Orthopedic Specialist whom I visited this morning. Took time off. and waited since 8.45am at the hospital near my house. Finally got to see that Doctor at 10am and he ask me do some exercise and when he saw me doing it while he is holding my arm. He said no need to explain is very obvious! hahahah... safe on the explanation part. He then asked me to go for X Ray and come back right after. X ray result turn out my tendon is slanting on the odd way that is the reason it affected my neck as well. and the klak klik klak klik sound is due the movement is touching the slanting tendon. Even my shoulder joint is not like normal people. Other will shows black color but mind is in white which is very not common and mean exhausted. This is my left hand condition and I am left handed. Doctor said he don't suggest for surgery

At Peace

When out of the blue I feel like watching Hindi movie. I end up watching Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham. Woh! I am crying over this movie. :( Yeah! it is good to clean my eyes with tears once a while. mmmm I never feel so peaceful like this. Live day by day and work as it is. Trying my best but at same time not to push myself too hard like last time. I seriously at peace. I dont know whether this is suppose to be good or otherwise. Anyway, I kind of get use to this. Hopefully , this could improve my health. My bunion feet is killing me at night and the size getting worst. Am I going to end up handicapped. My research result to operation is just temporary solution and will be at 50:50. Scary to think about this. For the first time at work , I had started planning for my whole year annual leave. I just can't wait for my 4th Quarter to come. Pray for long live to this date. I want to visit the place I longing for all this while. I can feel I was there last life. I just want to visit this pla

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