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My First Kiss

My first kiss??? When? Where? Who? Did I realised it? Well... its all happened when I was 23 years old and while I was working at this one marketing solutions company as Accounts Executive. My boss is a western man and now he is happily married to one of the Princess here in Malaysia. Yeah! not this fantasy Princess but the real Princess. I think he is happily married that was what I heard last time. It is a kiss but just a peck on my cheek. hihihihihihi... I was caught by surprise. He just came back to Office after oversea trip and came from behind and gave me a peck on my cheek. Huhuhuhuhuh... that was my first skinship with man. What is my reaction? Since I was brought up in a very conservative way....I am totally culture shocked! My officemate who are sitting in front of me was shocked too... Her jaw drop. I was so frozen on my chair and hardly move or give reaction. Ceh! I can even felt his saliva on my face....ewwwwww.... dirty dirty ... Of course for my Boss it was nothing at

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