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Reputable Developer Doesn't Guarantee A Good Quality House

  I am writing based on my own personal experience. I made my decision to settle down and live in the landed property as my retirement home. Location wise, certainly far from the city centre due to affordability. I also consider the developer reputation to avoid any abandonment in the middle of the project. I will cry a river, blood tears if this happens to my hard earn money. I bought mine from the best property developer in Malaysia . I received the key end of last year,2020. MCO and everything so everything at a halt for almost a year now. Revive back the plan only on September 2021. I plan to move at end of October this year or early Nov 2021.  Since I don't have anyone to rely on. Everything needs to be settled on my own. Using my two not so experience eyes screening the handover house and armed with a sticker on my hand. I was so disappointed with the end products. The quality is worst and for the price that I am paying, not to mention the reputation of the developer. Damn it

Sleeping Partner Wanted

Read this with your own wildest imagination 😂 My top left tooth has been hurting for 2 weeks. I clearly understand its time for me to let this one go. I have been keeping it for 2 years now. I visited a few dentists and all advise me to do the extraction due to the crack is pretty severe. Many times my ears here have been listening to the false accusation from all these dentists. They have been accusing me of biting a very very very hard thing which causes my tooth to crack in such a manner. Yeah! I guess one of my hobbies to bite the wall and table edge in my house. I seriously, hurt by this accusation tho. I don't even dare to bite any ice cube. You are telling me this and that. Who the hell are you to judge me that way?  From there on...I have been eating with just my right side. My left side has been resting for 2 years. Until last week, the pain got very severe. I guess this is the time to let it go...let it go... I made an appointment with the dentist. Totally

An Appointment with Myself

The recent incident in my life kind of traumatized me, a bit. I was affected emotionally and feeling unworthy and low self-esteem . I was not sound minds when the news came to me. I can't cry and react so much too. I was not sure how to feel. isk isk isk Every moment after that, I wish it wasn't the truth and its all a nightmare and just need to wake up. Keep telling myself everything will be alright. This is not true! Reality hits me! Well, I have been holding out my emotion too long though. I walked out with the feeling of my existence and effort is not worthy to be acknowledged. That's how I really feel until now.  When I decided to live a lonely life 25 years ago, realize this will be a rough life journey for me. Time like this, don't have a shoulder to cry on and even a place to whine for the unfair treatment... its normal reaction to have SUICIDAL thoughts. I admitted it came to my mind last week. I was feeling tired because I need to start every

Poor Execution of Delivery from Well Known Online Marketplace in Malaysia

I wish don't need to do such blog post. But I need to let this out health will damage due to unsatisfactory.  This is one 'emo' post! I was so happy when Mamonde launched Online Store at Yeayyy!!! convenient. Love online shopping plus super excited to shop. I received RM20 vouchers and decided to do some shopping for Raya gift. Plus you see that photo banner? First 120 buyers at Mamonde Online store will receive that beautiful pouch and 50ml First Energy Serum. Oh yeay! Happy mode to shop and race out to be the first 120 buyers. I ordered Mamonde Basic Skincare set on 6th June 2017 through Mamonde Online Dying to get my hands on those beautiful pouch. You see...Mamonde products are all flowers inspired products. Even their skin care pouch is hard to be miss. Super gorgeous to my eyes. I was nervously cross my fingers and wish to be the first 120 buyers. I waited for a week. No sign of shipping notification

What is Abam ?

Since last year I notice Malay male referring themselves as 'Abam' in their FB timeline post. At first I thought its their 'calling name'. But then it not just one. Here 'Abam' and there ' Abam'. All different people referring themselves as 'Abam'. I want to ask friend but most close friend is Chinese. Owhhh! they will laugh at me if I ask them that question. I am the one suppose to know this. haihhhhh.... The introvert me then use the usual way. Just google the word. The result show me that! I was like....WHAT???? You mean those people has been referring themselves 'Abam' ...and that 'Abam' means is one of those? Cannot be...right? It just doesn't make sense to me. goshhh!!! I need to solve this mystery tonight or I can't sleep tonight. It was on Sunday night by the way.I need to find out. Best Malay connection is my 2 sisters. Posted in our usual 'Kakaotalk' Me : Girls! may I

Its all Monica..She is the evil one

** Warning! Read with your own mental health.** The other side of you To be honest...there are many sides of me. There is Rina the original one so kind and timid. Then there is Cindyrina the usual online me. Happier and shopaholic side . The violent and evil Monica. Rina is a hardworking and timid woman. She just live her life by her own rules and always goes by routine. She live a very low profile life.All she wants is to save enough money for her retirement preparation and live her golden years quietly. Cindyrina is about shop and shop and shop. She loves traveling and a free spirit woman. She always wants to settle down in either Jeju Do or Pai, Thailand which is beyond her affordability. She also have a dreams to be an actress when she was young.But she was lack of confident during her younger days. She froze and fainted in front of the camera. She then buried her dreams and now happily leading a life as regular office lady. Monica always comes out when driving.


Last week , I went down to get my self bottle of warm soy bean near my office. Me : Uncle! one warm soy bean without sugar? Uncle : No sugar ar.... Me : Yup! How much? Uncle : Good Body!  ( replied without looking at me since he is busy preparing my order) Me : huh! Why so pervert one this Uncle...aissshhhh!!! I so sexy meh??? Me : Uncle! how much ar??? Uncle : Good Body ! Replied without looking at me. He still busy packing my order. This uncle ??? Wanna flirt with me.... aishhhhh...I just gave him RM10/- note since this Uncle keep wanna flirt with me. People ask price properly...just give proper answer la...haisssshhh... Good Body! Good Body! I am so angry and embarrassed at that time. What is this???  I still fat...what???? Don't think I have good body! You teasing me on purpose is it??? Uncle : Your change, Amoy. Thank you ar! Me : oooo..welcome!  (still feel upset) I took my change counted the balance which is amou

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