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Additional 1 year approaching

I was feeling nervous because my birthday is approaching another two and half weeks from now. Yeah! many of you may say No big deal! Its just another plus to your age... For me this is really a big deal. I was so worried! I have many things to achieve and time is running out. I just dont know how to start to get thing done. Getting started another story and getting there is another problem. Sat and Sunday I prefer to stay at home. I am not in the mood to meet any human on earth. I dont feel like talking to anyone. My trip to Krabi is the eye opener for me. I need to to this often so that I dont miss out. Air ticket to Jogyakarta only RM250 for 2 ways. I can go to Candi Borobodur... my dream place. Is this place will be my next trip? I dont know..... I may be unemployed on Dec so need to be thrifty. I am getting aging. My energy will exhaust soon. Earning enough its not realistic at this moment because it will never been enough. My work? As mentioned I never plan to stay this long at th

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