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I am one person who are so afraid of any type of reptiles, amphibian, mammal including human too. eheh! My old me would scream top of my lung and jump out of fears if I see any of those like worms or any kind of creatures. To me the only creatures on earth that is acceptable is myself! hahaha..gosh! talking about narcissism. I could say that is my biggest fear ever in life. Trust me...I don't even want to step my feet into the Zoo to watch the animal. Last month Resort World Genting challenge me to break my biggest fear in life. I have a chance mingle with reptiles and amphibian at night. Oh!!!! 'boleh kah saya?' This is the gold course view from my room balcony that night. The driver who drove us to skyway this afternoon told us many sort of king cobras out here especially at night. Ommaaaa!!! my heart feel like bursting preparing my mental for tonight herping session with Mr Steven Wong. I don't want to humiliate myself jumping like mad woman if that kin

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