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I have been neglecting my diary for quite sometimes... huh...not that I don't have anything to pour in... I am dying to... I am currently in nervous wreck mode! Serious!!! my butterfly in stomach already started although my presentation on 23rd April 2014. WTH!!!!! so long.... I keep practicing...again and again and again...but I am too 'chonghei' and most of the time exceeded the stipulated time which is 25 minutes. My timing out by 2 minutes...DAMN!!!! I need to keep it simple. short and sweet!!! Haishhhh!!!! I pray hard that butterfly don't become the cocoon during that presentation day...if it turn into cocoon..DAMN!!! don't think I have anything to say when it is my turn for assessment. Goshhhh!!!! hope God give me more strength that day! My presentation title will be more towards 'soft skill' which is 'The Courage to Manage Difficult Boss'.  This .... to be presenter...sort of not really have much Courage...isk isk

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