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I just reached home when my phone rang. I answered the call and one lady start scolding me. She were saying my telephone number in her husband phone and she read all those romantically sms between her husband and so called 'me'. I tried to stop her attack but she dont even give me a chance to interrupt. sigh! I just want to ask what number is she dialing. Thats all! She keep shouting me slut! whore! and on an on and on... I can just hang up the call but I pity her so angry like mad person and afraid she kill herself right after I hang up. So I just kept quiete and listen to her for almost 5 minutes accusation on so called 'me'. She then realised the silenceness on my end. Then she start " hello hello are you listening to me WHORE!" I replied "Yeah! I am listening! Go on..." The she said " You bitch!" di di da da di da... and on and on.. Then I asked her " Hi lady! what number are you trying to call? and who is the person you lookin

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