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Cleaner Seas with Sunplay's We Care for the Ocean 2023 Campaign

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I checked my UNISA email and my Leadership Dynamics individual assignment was out! Got High distinction for that. Congratulation to myself! Group assignment result was out 1 week before Raya and we got Distinction. mmm... now need to buck up forexam this 17th Oct 2009 and hopefully could get overall a Distinction for this subject. International Business , if I can get a Credit I would be happy with myself. These few days after Raya week, i feel down. Maybe one main reason due to my PMS. I feel tired with my life and feel like incomplete. I don't have my camera to entertain me. I feel lost! I miss snapping my own photo :) I want you back my dear beloved camera!!!! My job are the hectics one! I am tired listening to people! I just feel tired! How I wish I could shut him off or maybe just mute him whenever he call me in his room or meeting room. How I wish I could just tell him my peace of mind on how I feel and what he is talking about is freaking nonsense. 'Syok sendiri' ! G

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