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Disaster in Japan is horrible. This is natural disaster Havoc in Libya and Egypt is a sad case because this is human made disaster. Not to mentioned Pakistan with their own conflict. While these 4 countries are facing their own problems, our country Malaysia are very busy with our own problems too. When our politicians are busy competing to produce their own porn movie. mmmmm what to say look like all of us just waiting to die when natural disaster comes. Weird!!! Whatever! this is their job anyway. Many type of human kind in this world. Nobody can control each individual action. I am dealing with this person daily. He is more in denial side. I can describe him as one person with split personalities. I am not talking about 2 but more than two personalities. He can be the same time he can be manipulative...He can be hot blooded person...and same time funny...He can be funny....He can be kind...He can be a big liar...he can be nasty and at the same time...He can try to

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