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My computer hate me

I was up working since 5am for 2 days in a row. At least 4-5 hours stuck in front of computer before heading to morning shower. My shoulder and neck end up stiff like wood. Tired and exhausted but what counts is my efforts to work and move forward for the sake of getting out of employment under other Bosses. I want to be my own boss. Trying hard to get out from corporate employment world and move towards self employment. My acer laptop was damn slow for pass 2 months. I end up purchase a desktop last month just to make thing speed up. But getting use to get some programme compatible to window 7 are really tiring. I am trying hard to be patient and control my anger. I end up with frustration for the last 2 days. I can't install my flash player and my attempt to edit and develop my new online store really distrupted. I have my own deadline to catch. Festive season and end of year business is coming and I need to catch up before mid Sept. If not all my plan go down to drain....:( I ju

You have to tell d tales

I have problems to claim for my NCD refund after I bought my new car. I had waited for almost a month and no clear answer given. They failed to even let me know what is the status on my claim and even don't even know who is the person in charge.Argh! Rina is really really angry. I can be one very patient and tolerance person but yet I can change my hat pretty fast to be the mean one! My blood rose to the top today! Mess with me? Let me use my 'power puff girl' power today!!!! Not because just the money but talking about right and wasting my freaking time to write and fax and fax and call and call. I wrote very 'nice' letter comparing the insurer to their competitor and told them how their competitor are now moving ahead without looking back in term of 'mint customer service'. I even quoted , if I were given a chance to speak to their CEO and this is the list of thing that I need him to improve. I even have guts to write about them not to come our with any ne

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