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Dental Check up

Yuhuuuu... last Saturday I went for Dental check up again... Doc wanna check whether the implant healing well... So far so good.. Since I am lazy to drive out all the way to using my 'panda eyes' request a driver from 'chinggu'. Thank God! somebody not 'busy bee' on that I don't have to drive! Before my dentist appointment....breakfast time!!!!! Where??? Old Town Damansara... Old town white coffee choice for me ...nasi lemak...yup! need this since I am going away from Malaysia this Thursday... That 'chinggu' go western... me with my 'selca' Top from favourite online store shaking my leg ..waiting for my turn at dentist...kekekekeke


Omo! since I exercise like 'mad dog' and diet like 'horny cat'.... I am addicted to shop for more and more and more clothings. Mad dog? Horny cat? mind my language!!! Oppppssss!!!! I just wrote in whatever came to my don't mind me just read further...k? Shopping??? Yeah! totally crazy over fashion...which I mean korean fashion style. Am I fashionable??? Hell no! Just like one...though! whatever, huh??? As long as I  am happy...  mmmmm.... korean fashion mean I need to have body like them... Oh! well.... at this age with this metabolism rate.... take me ages to reach my goal!!!! I ran 15 minutes...feel like 15 hours...OMO!!! serious!!! I sweat a lot for 15 minutes and I think ...Oh yeah! my fat melted ledi... So I stop...because if I run further then not my fat melt but my meat then my bones least I have 'bimbo theory' there... So called determination to loose weight I have wo

Lazy Sunday

Yeah! so lazy .... Don't feel like going out. Don't feel like eating. Don't feel like doing anything. I need to start singing that one of Bruno mars song called 'Lazy Song'. My weekend almost ending and my achievement is.... I manage to hang up all clothes lying on the floor in my 'Princess Little Boutique'. OK ok ... not an easy task..... but I am happy finally that room is not in a mess anymore. Don't feel like eating but still need to eat that will be another problem for me. What to eat???

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