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Good Bye Malaysia

  Bye Bye Malaysia     Tonight I overnight in plane :) I am flying to Seoul... Taking Korean Air 11:45pm I will reach Seoul at 6:05am on 9th Nov 2012   I will be exploring Seoul from 9th Nov 2012 6:05am until 16th Nov 2012

Stalker Story at The Loaf

Love bread at The Loaf ...have this with mug of latte...I can sing O lal lalala.. Couple of selca snapping...cheh.....this slit eyes woman again? Today wearing 'smurfing blue' tunic from Weather is so freaking hot...I am lazy to walk out from this place. Enjoying the view from my seat....mmmmm while my mind keep playing my own story from each person I saw and pass in front of me....So free ar me??? Guess ... I am totally in lazy mood now... No more challenge in life so I am becoming like this... life has been very hard and now when it become so easy...I am thrill on what is coming I decided to play lazy while I can and enjoy the time with this limited time...what am I talking about??? Hell!!!! I don't know.... Hey you... not hot meh??? So lonely ar? Sg Wang top is it??? mmmm....let me guess... RM25, RM10 and RM19??? Ah....Chinggu said this one is 'Ben Affleck'??? Crazy ar

Bagan Lalang Seafood

We thought wanna try the Senandung Seafood but too many people than went to this Restaurant Bagan Lalang Seaview..... too far from the sea but still can view lol.  Nasi Lemak....the chilli so owhhhh!!! spicy!   Bamboo Seashell we request to cook with Ginger...mmmm nice!   This sweet and sour prawn end up become spicy prawn!   Deep fried squid  with sauce grilled squid vegies with shrimp   Grilled stingray.....   after eating this I am rushing home due to stomach ache and we suspected the lychee drink because I am the only one drinking that....huhuhuhuh..... Chinggu is 'A' ok and me suffering throughout the 2 hours journey back home sob sob 

Bragging again

Last Week traffic to my blog Traffic to my blog last month... yeah I know nothing to brag about with just only 359 visitors . Others like receive million. Anyway, I kind of happy people in other part of the world know of my existence on earth even though I am not in Forbes Magazines or famous like Paris Hilton.

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