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Vegreen Vegan Skincare Review

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3 reason why Name Cards beat smartphone

Why Name Cards Beat Smartphone ?   When I received my first event invitation to attend as blogger, I learn how important for bloggers to carry own name card. I remember my first event , one PR hand me her name card and I was so embarrassed for not being able to hand out mine in return. She did asked for it and I was shyly replied I don't have one. Lesson learn!  I carried my business card for second event. I then asked one bloggers who was sitting beside me for her blog url while handing out my new name card. She then shyly replied she need a pen and paper for her to write her url. Hope she learn her own lesson like me too. Then I realize this is how I look like during my first event. I look so sloppy and not ready to represent my blog.  Some people may commented , we are just bunch of bloggers and most of us just start a blog for fun during pass times as hobbies. To be honest, I did started out for rant space and over the years its shows some small coffee money out


Last weekend, I was like craving for red velvet cakes. When it come to cakes...I am very picky. I don't eat just any matter how delicious it is. I have certain cakes that will suit to my classy or so attitude problem huh? That is why...when it come to birthday...friends around will have problem with my birthday cakes...and I prefer with no cakes. Oh well...the story for this post was about my craving... I found this cafe opposite Merchato, Pavillion. Newly open call Chapter Two. Just a humble small cafe. They serve fresh red velvet cakes. I seriously give this Red Velvet Cake at Chapter Two Pavillion....5 stars! So generous with my Stars!!!! This Red Velvet Cakes seriously bake with love and passion. The cake texture...really moist and solid. Not dry and crumble type and not too spongy. If that passionate baker could add in more cocoa powder in the will be more KICK! Its not sweet and you need to eat it wi


Cosplay Tale at Tokyo Street , Pavillion I see all sort of character ...funny and weird too!  Restless Batman... OMO! working late last night??? Too many 'jokers' to catch? where is your macho ness , batman??? Robin??? where is he?? He ditched you? mmmm..Mr batman don't tell me this is your day job???   Japanese Anime Song really make my day....sweet atmosphere OMO!!! she so damn skinny... overzealous of her... I have extra fat to transfer to you...interested??? excited! excited! this girl sound so cute!!!!  wow! her voice is sound so soothing  to my ear this is their interest .... the anime world... I wish I could be this weird ...then my life could be more interesting...huhuhu WITH THE POWER OF THE MOOOOONNNNN.......SAILORMOON TRANSFORM!!!!! TRANSFORM!!! aikkkss???? It doesn't work???? adoooooiii!!!! sailormoon ....unable to transform because I am in love with one Prince from from Und

Bragging again

Last Week traffic to my blog Traffic to my blog last month... yeah I know nothing to brag about with just only 359 visitors . Others like receive million. Anyway, I kind of happy people in other part of the world know of my existence on earth even though I am not in Forbes Magazines or famous like Paris Hilton.

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