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Beauty Inside Out with Newly Launched Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel

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Don't Complicate Your Skincare Routine

I am not a big fan of overdoing my facial skin with some tools. I know serums and essences is highly important. Nowadays , we are spoil with product choices sometime using too many product confuse our skin. I myself super confuse on what goes first. lol. Simplicity in skincare steps is most important for me since my 'me' time is so limited. I prefer the basic skincare which stick to 3 simple steps . I will add on whenever I have time to it. No big deal! Life is all about simplicity! Adjust according to your needs as long as don't deviate from the basic rules. I will add serums and essences when time permitted. So don't bash me! I am not against any serum, essences and mask .  I use those when time allow me to. isk isk isk... For daily routine, I normally go for just 3 steps routine. To achieve the 'just' 3 steps routine , what I need is good 3 basic things : * Good facial cleanser * Awesome toner * Suitable moisturizing cream I can easily


I always into K Beauty but this time I got my hands on Taiwan Cosmetic and Skin Care. At first, I was so hesitate to try out the product but I dare myself and give this a chance. PSK brand, this is not new to me since I received the glow in the dark lip gloss from them last year. This is my first time trying out their skin care. PSK Deep Sea Source Extraction Series - Intense Moisturizing Concentrate - 30ml Functions : * Rich moisturizing ingredients - my experience rating 5/5 totally moisturizing effect when use this one. A bit annoying because it make your face wet for quite sometimes but really moisturize my  skin well. * Fully penetrate to the bottom of the stratum corneum - my experience rating 4.5/5 because I love this because it really work well with my skin. * Enhance the transparency of the skin - my experience 2/5 because I am not really sure how this thing can enhance my skin transparency. mmmmmm... * Makes skin soft and white -

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