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This is what we called bless from heaven....when I was in KK recently the raflesia flower is a first bloom.What I heard it was at 81 cm. First day bloom! You know this flower took ages to bloom and when it getting longer to bloom this flower will have that foul smell ...worst that dead body and more deadly than that stinky tofu at shinlin street. What I heard there are 26 species of raflesia flower in the world and currently only 23 left. There rest gone.... Until now...nobody know how this gigantic flower grow.No seed and nobody able to plant or grow this fella. Basically this parasite flower just exist. see the black color 1st top left??? That one was dead since three months ago... then the two sticking out like mushroom.... is fighting each other on which to survive. Only the best will bloom.... like that photo...thank God it was first bloom so no foul smell yet!!!! What an amazing witness of nature!!!!


Spending my whole weekend updating my online diary...while I am imagining looking back at this diary in another 10 years time. Oh Gosh!!!if God allow me to live that long...meaning I am 48 years old in 10 years time. Sabah trip is a good trip and memorable too. I love nature by still I love all nature creatures...bugs,worms and all those animal freak me out! I love everything about the refershing smells and view while exploring the Kinabalu Park. The 2 hours plus journey from Kota Kinabalu to Kundasang really worth it although tiring! I booked bus tour day trip...20 pax in the bus - Japanese,Swiss,Australian,Taiwan,Singaporean and me being the lonely Malaysian in the bus..WTH! Since I am alone the tour guide requested me to sit right in front seat of the bus. We depart as early as 8:30am and reached back to the city around dark....8pm. One in life time experience and this is wort it and memorable. Mount Kinabalu...from far! I once dream about climbing you b

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