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Spending my whole weekend updating my online diary...while I am imagining looking back at this diary in another 10 years time. Oh Gosh!!!if God allow me to live that long...meaning I am 48 years old in 10 years time. Sabah trip is a good trip and memorable too. I love nature by still I love all nature creatures...bugs,worms and all those animal freak me out! I love everything about the refershing smells and view while exploring the Kinabalu Park. The 2 hours plus journey from Kota Kinabalu to Kundasang really worth it although tiring! I booked bus tour day trip...20 pax in the bus - Japanese,Swiss,Australian,Taiwan,Singaporean and me being the lonely Malaysian in the bus..WTH! Since I am alone the tour guide requested me to sit right in front seat of the bus. We depart as early as 8:30am and reached back to the city around dark....8pm. One in life time experience and this is wort it and memorable. Mount Kinabalu...from far! I once dream about climbing you b

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